You can also meet Lene Kretschmar at the studio. She creates exquisite jewellery.

She designs and makes unique pieces of jewellery from precious gold, silver and palladium, decorated with gem stones.

She also creates very individual pieces of jewellery according to your specific wishes.

If you love simple playful shapes and figurative designs, don't miss to look at her work.

Golden discs with Dummorit pearls

Lyra - Rings

The design of the rings are based on pre-historic originals and ancient techniques, such as granulating and levelling.

Ornamental patterns of Celtic origins are being used such as dragon heads and figurines.

Delicately linked necklaces and bracelets made of precious metals are combined with gemstones or pieces of antique glass. A special item are the lyre rings with inlaid work of gold and platinum.



 Belt Buckles